Thomas Bruce Wiggins: Graphic Designer and Writer

104 W. Pinewood Dr. wigginst at

Bloomington, IN 47403 812-606-8113




MS in Media Arts and Science


  Mac and PC experience

  Trained in 3-D modeling in Maya

  Video/audio creation in Macromedia Flash, Final Cut Pro

  Digital image manipulation in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop


BA in Theater and Fine Arts-Studio


  Graduated with honors

  Advanced courses in Drawing, Printmaking, and Metalsmithing


Technical Skills

  Extensive video and audio editing experience in Adobe Presenter, Premiere, Audition and Flash

  Creation of closed captioning files via Camtasia Studio

  Cameraman for recording and streaming lectures and other events

  Trained in 3D Modeling with Maya and ZBrush

  Digital manipulation in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

  Collaboration on group projects in Github, ShareLaTeX

  Mac and PC experience


Work Experience



Video Editor and Web Developer

Indiana University School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering, Bloomington, IN

December 2012 February 2018

  Video and audio editing on six different online graduate level courses for the IU Data Science Department

v  Maintenance and upkeep of over 100 recorded video modules for IU academic semesters 2016-17, 2017-18

v  Sole editor for 67 videos on IU School of Informatics and Computing B649 online course ( for three academic semesters (2014-2016)

  Recorded, streamed and created closed captioning for over 20 live speaker sessions in the IU Data Science Colloquium Series, 2016-2018

  Managed WCMS for all sites under IU Data Science, 2016-2018

  Collaboration in github for developing three federal grant-funded websites (,,

  Worked on successful proposal for IU Intel Parallel Computing Center (IPCC); assisted in the administrative aspects of IPCC

  Created closed captioning for over 150 different videos

  Designed templates, concept sketches, banners and logos for IU websites

  Proofread and edited scientific papers for Ph.D. and conference submissions, as well as proposals for NIH, NSF, and DOE

  Maintained course videos and playlists on Youtube


Warehouse Worker and Customer Service Rep.

Costume Alibi (Fashion Bloom USA), Bloomington, IN

February 2012 November 2012

  Catalogued online inventory

  Handled customer service emails and responses

  Created text content for website

  Stocked warehouse inventory

  Packaged items for shipping to customers


Brochure Designer

Bloomington Community Band,

Spring 2011 Season, Winter 2012 Season

  Creation of original icons and graphic design elements

  Proofreading text and grammar


Graphic Design Artist and Community Outreach Assistant

IU Community Grids Laboratory, eHumanity Project,

January 2011 January 2012

  Designed web-friendly logos and icons for eHumanity website

  Participated in staff strategy meetings and roundtable design discussions

  Developed marketing campaigns

  Organized national contact list and distributed email announcements

  Contributed on writing paper submitted to the International Journal of Grid Computing and eScience (FGCS)


Census Enumerator

Bloomington, IN area

US Census Bureau: Regional office- Chicago, IL

April 2010 August 2010

  Travel to census respondent homes and conduct interviews

  Catalogue individual census sheets and paperwork

  Identify errors in forms

Part-time Faculty Assistant

Prof. Josette Jones, School of Informatics, IUPUI

October 2006 - May 2008

  Dictation, typing, weekly summaries of student submissions

  Experience with EndNote and Adobe Dreamweaver in creating online

student forums and resources





*  IU Data Science Colloquium Series: From September 2016 to February 2018, the IU DS Invited Speaker series hosted over 20 lecturers ranging from industry CEOs, architects, local entrepreneurs, tech industry professionals and military data technicians. These events were held on the IU campus but also made available live online via IUs Zoom streaming service offering. I used a camera setup to record each of these sessions while also making them available to those dialing in, after which I made edits to the videos and manually created closed captioning files for all before adding them onto the DS Colloquium Series page.

*  IU CSCI B649 Online course: Starting in the summer of 2013, I was hired to do video editing for one of the first online courses in IUs new Data Science degree. This required taking separate movie clips recorded in Adobe Presenter, altering them from split view to single view, and then fashioning them into compact lecture videos using Adobe Premiere, where I improved the audio and worked to make the dialogue run more smoothly. The end result was 70 lecture videos which have since been used in the online class taught in the spring of 2014 to 2016, with further editing done when needed. To comply with HDA regulations, I created closed captioning files added to over 60 of the videos. I also designed the banners, background, introductory video and icons used on the course site (

*  eHumanity Research Paper: From fall of 2011 to January 2012, the eHumanity Project staff worked to write a paper detailing our work for submission to Future Generation Computer Systems: The International Journal of Grid Computing and eScience. I located and read several journal articles to find references that would be appropriate for our subject matter. I also wrote the majority of five different sections in the finished paper detailing the development, user testing, and goals of our project. As of now, it has been successfully submitted to FGCS.

*  eHumanity Logo: In early 2011, the Indiana University Community Grids Laboratory asked me to create a new logo for their eHumanity website, which aims to create a database hosting the Native American collections of several museums that would then be made available to Native schools and communities. I made half a dozen potential logos for them using Photoshop, keeping in close communication with the project members to get their opinions. A final design was selected and fleshed out over two months. From there it received user input that led to a final product which is now visible on the site,

*  Bloomington Community Band Brochure: As a former member of the band, I was approached when they wanted to revamp their outdated brochures given out at public concerts. I interacted with several members in completing this pro bono assignment using Photoshop, developing a fresh look for the pamphlet that highlighted their position as a year-long organization and a concert band. Working to meet member expectations, I oversaw the entire thing from end to finish and found the band to be very pleased with my finished work.

*  God 2 Go: A ten-minute movie involving at least six crew and cast members which I wrote, co-directed, and starred in. This involved the use of professional set-lighting methods and multiple digital cameras, all of which was then edited in Final Cut Pro 5, complete with special effects, to form a satirical look on how God might undertake to find a replacement prior to going on vacation.




Siddharth Maini

Director of User & Learning Experience

IU School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering

(330) 221-9763


Joanne Luciano

Visiting Associate Professor

IU School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering

(518) 313-9742

Judy Qiu (professional name Judy Fox)

Associate Professor

IU School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering

(812) 219-4719


Tracy and Ocean Zhang

Owners/Managers of Costume Alibi

(812) 333-3450